Michael Higgins has been wearing different hats in the wine business for 15 years.  He began his career as a public relations writer focusing on California wineries.  In the early 1990’s Michael produced an interactive guide to California’s wine country. Spending months in Napa and Sonoma counties interviewing winemakers, photographing vineyards, and tasting wine deepened his interest in viticulture. Michael has also worked in the restaurant business both as chef and wine buyer. Most recently, Michael worked with importer & distributor, Michael Skurnik Wines of New York before embarking on a wine portfolio consulting project.  Michael and his wife Jacqueline opened Litchfield Hills Wine Market in September, 2010.

Sara Martin, Manager

Sara has been the cornerstone at LHWM for years.  Sara started  by running the beer program and quickly became an indispensable part of the team.  After several years, she has become an expert wine resource as well as the face of LHWM!

Pierre Simler provides first class customer service to LHWM’s patrons. Pierre is a retired English-trained butler who has held high profile positions around the world.  Here in Litchfield, he’ll offer top flight customer service and help with everything from wine selections to party planning to providing the security detail for your next trip to Zimbabwe .

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