Come in for complimentary recipes with a wine recommendation that we print out on postcards every week.  Collect the whole set and become a gourmet chef & sommelier! If you’ve missed some, we can always print more for you while you wait. 

What’s Cookin’ at LHWM?

Since we’re not technically allowed to cook or serve food of any kind here at the store nothing is actually cooking, but we do have recipes prepared for you every week along with a wine pairing recommendation.

If you haven’t collected all the recipes, we have archives here:

The PDF files are formatted for Avery Clean Tear Postcards 8386.

RecipeOftheWeek_100110.pdf - Mini Pumpkins stuffed with Sausage & Sage

RecipeOftheWeek_100710.pdf - Orecciette with Cauliflower Tapenade

RecipeOftheWeek_101410.pdf - Grilled Lamb Chops wiht Pluot Jam

RecipeOftheWeek_102210.pdf - Caldo Verde Portuguese Soup

RecipeOftheWeek_102910.pdf - Duck Breast with Cherry-Blackberry Glaze

RecipeOftheWeek_110510.pdf - Chicken Paprikash

RecipeOftheWeek_111910.pdf - Thanksgiving Dressings

RecipeOftheWeek_120210.pdf - Bake Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms

RecipeOftheWeek_120910.pdf - Scallops Provencal

RecipeOftheWeek_121710.pdf - Blue Cheeses, Figs & Tawny Port

RecipeOftheWeek_012110.pdf - Slow Cooked Pot Roast

Wine & Food

A visit to Litchfield Hills Wine Market will greet you with a warm welcome, in a great atmosphere to shop for your favorite wines, spirits and beers.